w3 Awards

Top Tips for Entering

by Savannah Mullins

Our w3 Customer Service Manager Savannah Mullins is here to help with all of your entry-related queries and concerns.

Why Savannah loves The w3 Awards:
The competition not only honors but appreciates Websites, Video, Marketing, Mobile, Social and Podcast in today’s industry. Entering the w3 awards presents an invaluable opportunity for us  to showcase and celebrate the individuals who invest time, energy and funding into pieces well before our season opens. That is what we celebrate! I want it to be known that I am here for support, questions and guidance. Not just throughout the entry process but postseason as well. I am honored and elated to be able to assist all of our entrants, individual creators, the smallest firms, today’s biggest agencies and everyone in between. 

Here are her top tips on entry best practices. We asked so you didn’t have to.

  • Early Entry Deadline:  To provide our entrants with an opportunity to save on the entry costs for our competition we offer the most affordable pricing during our early entry deadline, so enter NOW.


  • Your Work: Make sure everything is complete and all links are active prior to submission.  This will ensure a smooth experience and will avoid hearing from us later if there is a problem!


  • Campaign Entries: Although it is not required, I recommend that entrants set up and submit a non-branded landing page with project details, case study video, marketing results/stats, etc. along with a link(s) to the actual elements of the campaign.


  • Apps & Mobile: For subscription-based apps or sites, I recommend that you provide a guest login for our judges. It is helpful to provide our judges with the opportunity to fully experience the work.


  • Judging:  Judging is based on the creative work itself, so the only information needed is entry title, entry elements for judging, category selections, client info (if applicable), contact information, and payment method.