Lauren Angeloni Managing Director, AIVA

Dear w3 Awards Community,

They say all good ideas start with a spark, a flash, a jolt of inspiration. I am so pleased to kick off the 18th Season of the w3 Awards, in which we aim to honor the unsung heroes of digital creativity who harness that moment of brilliance into innovative and boundary-blazing work day after day. From the most fiercely independent creators to the most established global agencies, we will illuminate the projects that will shape the future of our digital lives

In my first year as Managing Director over the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts (AIVA),  I have gotten to know this community and have been staggered by the high quality of work entered over the seasons. I have also been committed to gathering constructive feedback from you all along the way. As a result of these conversations, I am determined to make this season the most engaging platform available to properly honor your creativity and innovation. This will take form via:

  • A new suite of  “Emerging Tech” categories to reflect the ever-evolving nature of digital creativity. This will include projects in the realms of Virtual and Augmented Realities, Web 3.0, AI, and can expand to include the next generation of digital tools and platforms yet to be introduced (or dreamed).

  • Expanded and streamlined Video and Podcast categories, centering our focus on great storytelling

  • A new cohort of Jurors who more accurately reflect the diversity and expertise of the work submitted by our Entrants each year. This will include luminaries from Publicis Sapient, Walt Disney Studios, Meta, Netflix, LG, IBM, Amazon, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Wired Magazine, R/GA and more

  • A robust calendar of engaging content showcasing past w3 winners and a series of interviews introducing our esteemed AIVA Panel Of Jurors

For those of you whom I have not yet had the pleasure to meet, I am so looking forward to hearing from you, and doing whatever I can to make the w3 Awards the best home for all of your work. I hope you let us shine a light on what you’ve created from that initial flash of brilliance to inspire the next generation of creators. Enter now and BE THE SPARK. 

As ever, 

Lauren Angeloni
Managing Director
AIVA | aiva.org