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Winner Story

Ship of Myths
by Ring of Fire

Singaporean content incubator Ring of Fire partnered with Podcast Network Asia to launch Ship of Myths, an audio drama podcast telling various Southeast Asian myths and legends. Through the lens of pirate Captain Teruk, listeners are taken on a swashbuckling adventure in Asia’s First Epic Fantasy Audio Drama. Read our exclusive interview with Ring of Fire CEO and Founder Anand Roy, where he discusses making a splash with his company’s first ever project and getting his start at the “Mouse House.”

Tell us about the first brainstorm session you had about the podcast.
The first brainstorm was a phone call with my eventual producer and Head Writer, Nihar Saqib. I had been toying with the idea for a while by then, and during one of our evening conversations, I shared the kernel of the idea with him, and it was his enthusiasm and energy that first gave me the sense that I might be onto something very special here. The rest, as they say, is history.

Describe your biggest obstacle or challenge for the podcast.
Recording an audio drama like this that has a global cast of collaborators, during COVID was a real challenge. So much of the prep work on the show was done via video conferencing, and the biggest challenge was keeping a global cast of collaborators aligned and focused on what we were trying to achieve, and never “make do” with anything that isn’t world class!

How does this podcast represent your creative ethos?
Ship Of Myths is quite an apt representation of the type of shows that Ring Of Fire wants to be known for – world class storytelling, giving voice to hitherto unheard of, or under-represented voices,  using digital first mediums.

How does Ring of Fire define creative success?
For Ring of Fire, success is a journey, not a destination. And with Ship of Myths, we have taken just our first step to build a body of work, and tell the type of stories that entertain, enlighten and inspire.

If you had an unlimited budget, what would you add?
More episodes!

What does winning a w3 Award mean to you?
It’s validation! Ring Of Fire is a very young company and in these early years, the recognition that we received from w3, gives us the belief that our values and aspirations not only has an audience, but has the respect of our peers as well. It feeds fuel to our fire to aim higher and dream bigger.

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