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Winner Story

Kiff Virtual Premiere Experience by Little Cinema

Experiential agency and creative studio Little Cinema won five w3 awards last year for their project with Disney: a virtual, interactive experience to promote the premiere of animated musical comedy series, Kiff. Little Cinema and their digital agency, LCDigital used their proprietary event tech Flux to develop and host a fully branded and interactive digital event attended by hundreds of children and their families from around the world. Disney continues to use the framework they developed for subsequent branded virtual events. Read on to learn more about the project, which won 2023 Best in Show in Virtual & Immersive Features – Best Interactive Design.


Tell us about the first brainstorm session you had about the digital experience.
Since we had a decent runway and a client willing to let us innovate, we set out to push the boundaries of our templates and pull out all of the stops. In our first creative meetings we shared our existing interactive functionality and brainstormed ways to do even more with it. For example. we had created buttons that trigger animation overlays, confetti cannon actions, and pop-up text-notifications with calls to action – all of which we worked into the storyworld of Kiff.

We always try to do at least one new thing for each digital project, so for Kiff we built content-level tools that allowed us to create 3 distinct ‘acts’ within the event by refreshing the branding and interactive features several times throughout the event.

What made this partnership special?
A really fun IP to play around with creatively, and a client that gave us the freedom to introduce new features and functionality to amplify and compliment the story of the series. There are no boundaries to what we can do. The digital experiences we create are not linear and we get to provide an environment where everyone can experience things in their own unique way.

What does winning a w3 Award mean to the team at Little Cinema?
We were invited to enter the w3 awards by a partner email from the Webbys. It caught my attention that w3 is dedicated to honoring digital creativity and the projects that help shape the future of our increasingly digital lives. It’s a no-brainer that LCDigital – the digital team arm of Little Cinema – would be a candidate for these awards. We’ve been shaping the future of digital experiences starting with the very first call we received in 2016 from a WarnerMedia executive asking us to create a set of standout digital experiences for their upcoming titles in the face of COVID shutdowns. We quickly became the de facto behind-the-scenes partner on hundreds of digital events for Hollywood, building our technology to meet the highest standards of artistic excellence, content security, and interactivity.