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Juror Spotlight

Zachary Pinder
Founder & CEO, Lineout

Zak Pinder is a digital marketing authority and agency founder with an industry-leading approach to engineering growth through thoughtful, integrated strategies. Choosing client partners with ambitious goals, he draws on his instincts as an entrepreneur and digital-media futurist to guide, manage, and consult with modern brands.

Zak’s unique fluency in both the science and art of media and communications first emerged as a student training as an audio engineer, graduating from Full Sail University. Driven by a curiosity about the growing media technology space, he channeled his talent into sales and advertising where consumer-facing roles led to ad sales leadership roles on large media accounts. Zak brought together his technical, creative and client-services acumen when he established his first agency, Action Point Advertising, in 2015. In 2019 he rebranded as Lineout, a full-service digital firm.

His approach centers on patient listening and thorough analysis. Services and solutions flow from a big idea, with a clear throughline between constituent parts. Zak identifies emerging media and advanced targeting opportunities to reach and engage customers, and optimize for effectiveness and efficiency. He and his teams typically service marketers across performance-driving tactics covering the full digital marketing spectrum.

We sat down the Zachary to get his take on emerging tech and what he’s looking for in entries this season.

What areas of emerging tech & media are you interested in exploring?
Immersive experiences, especially through augmented and virtual reality in media, have truly caught my attention for their profound ability to revolutionize storytelling and enhance customer engagement. These technologies offer an unprecedented level of interaction, making stories and products feel alive and personal in a way traditional media simply can’t match. By creating more engaging and memorable experiences, they have the potential to deepen emotional connections and create a stronger sense of presence and immersion.