Winner Story

Allstate Pest Control: Get Rid of Unwanted Guests
by Scarlett Media

We didn’t expect to see these two worlds collide: mobsters and pest control. Scarlett Media was tasked to produce a promo video for Mediterranean family-run Allstate Pest Control. Inspired by Casino, The Godfather, Reservoir Dogs and other gangster films, the commercial won the 2023 Best in Show in Branded Entertainment: Promotional & Branding. Don’t miss how the team at Scarlett Media crafted a comedic story about getting rid of unwanted guests.


How does this piece represent your creative ethos?
The advert represents our creative ethos of always finding ways to create work that is cinematic. As lovers of movies and the great films of Casino, The Godfather, Reservoir Dogs, Scarface and Goodfellas, it was a wonderful opportunity to write a comical narrative and then capture the commercial using lighting, certain camera angles and voice overs to pay homage to these great films.

Describe your biggest obstacle or challenge for this project.
The biggest obstacles we had in our production was limited budget, so capturing it all in one day was a challenge but we knew we had a very talented crew that could pull it off. The next challenge was the weather; it rained all day! Lastly, the venue owner was not too happy about having the spider in her house, nor did our cinematographer enjoy filming it. The only person who loved it was the spider wrangler who loved handling the very pregnant lady-spider!

What does winning a w3 Award mean to you?
It was an absolute thrill for all involved to be awarded the W3 Best in Show. Being recognised internationally from experts in their field and amongst some of the worlds’ best commercials, is a huge honour. We are truly grateful.