Juror Spotlight

Daryn Henry, Creative Lead, Relevate Health

Daryn’s lifelong passion has been the concise visual conveyance of essential information. He graduated with a degree in Graphic Information Design from the renowned Falmouth University in the UK. His design philosophy is grounded in the program’s mantra, “transforming information into communication for a specific target audience.”

With close to three decades as a marketing creative, Daryn has leveraged this philosophy to create award-winning healthcare marketing campaigns at large agencies, including Sudler and Hennessey, Harrison and Star, and now Relevate Health. By partnering with strategy and analytics teams who uncover the questions that audiences are asking, it is Daryn’s design guidance that delivers answers via rich, optimized experiences that delight and inspire action. An audience-first, creativity-with-purpose approach has driven all he has touched.

As the creative lead at Relevate Health, his role is to mentor and manage the agency’s creative team, comprising of UX, copy and art/design. Together they are accountable for high quality written, spoken and visual market communications and storytelling for their clients’ brands.

He resides in New Jersey, with his young family including 2 rescue lab mixes.

What is your evaluation process for w3 Awards projects this year?
The things I am looking for this year are entries that do not follow the conventional, block and tackle route. Solutions that wrap the audience up in the essence of the brand, motivate them to action…be part of a movement…an experience. Work that pushes the boundaries of innovation and tech, be it a new impactful app or a game-changing use of AI, or something new altogether. And I always need to see work that is brutally elegant in its simplicity, sticky in its memorability, directive in its mission, and has the kind of stopping power one cannot ignore.